Maiden's Tower

  • Location : ─░stanbul

Maiden's Tower

The Maiden's Tower has been used for many purposes, military and civil throughout the history of Byzantine, Ottoman and Turkey.
In the 1110s, the first distinctive building was built by Emperor Manuel Comnenos. The foundations of the tower and the important parts of the lower floor are the Fatih’s period structure. The renovation in 1832 (Sultan II. Mahmut) gave the tower its present form.

In this restoration made in the Ottoman-baroque architectural style, a sliced dome and flagpole were added. The tower, which was repaired in 1943, was placed around the tower to prevent it from sliding into the sea. Its last restoration was completed in 2000. In the lighting concept of Maiden’S Tower, which is one of the symbolic buildings of Istanbul, the location, form and its relationship with the city are taken into consideration.

When the Maiden Tower is viewed from the shores of Üsküdar; The background has a view that includes the Bosphorus, the Historic Peninsula and Galata. This effect is especially at times when the opposite shore appears as a unique silhouette at sunset.

On the terrace, a warm light tone close to the candlelight, which aims to extend the duration and effect of this experience was preferred. This refers golden light reflections falling on the building at sunset, and give identity to the building. In other parts, a dramatic illumination is provided that will enhance the stone texture and add dimension to the structure. 

The Maiden's Tower also contains legends and stories. One of the prominent stories is the love of the Galata Tower and the Maiden Tower and is considered symbolically. By matching the architectural elements of the Galata Tower and Maiden Tower to each other, similar lighting characters were designed. It is aimed to use a common language with other symbolic structures in order to attract attention and make a difference on special occasions.